Nicaragua…. Beautiful, tropical, friendly and safe and as yet relatively undiscovered by the masses but that is changing quickly as you may have heard. Nicaragua is now one of the hottest destinations in the world, much like Costa Rica was back in the days. On top of that, an excellent Dove and Duck Hunting adventure and much closer than you might think.

As long time hunters, our passion in bird hunting and is equal to our desire to exceed the expectations of our shooting guests. We will strive to make your Nicaraguan Dove and Duck shoot enjoyable & memorable. Most bird shoots are judged on the sheer number of birds downed… for a start, that’s what we aim for but there is so much more than just a bird count. A great shooter can bring down 400 + birds in an afternoon session with a ⅔ ratio on shell count. Not everyone can shoot like that but the birds are there. A good average will have you down 80 to 110 birds a session.

This is not dove hunting in Argentina where you can literally point your gun and hit the birds. You going to have to work a little bit here but the challenge is what will bring you back! You don’t have to fly 26 hours (round trip) with 20 hour connections and 4:00 am airport departures. That does not include the three hour flights to get to these remote Argentina dove hunting lodges! We believe the hunt is the entire experience; from door to door and we win hands down when you calculate the investment and value of time, effort and resources. At what point does shooting for the sake of shooting get old, not to mention an extra $1,000 a day in spent shells.

Nicaragua is located in The Central American Tropics with Honduras to the North and Costa Rica to the South. It enjoys a gorgeous year-round climate with clear blue skies & sunshine nearly every day and presents the near perfect environment for a variety of dove & duck hunts. When it comes to duck hunting, we primarily shoot Blue Winged Teal, but also present are Black Bellied Whistlers, Pintails, Green Winged Teal & Shovellers. If dove shooting is your thing, we are primarily hunting 85% White Wing and 15% Mourning Dove. If you are feeling very frosty, we can combine Giant Tarpon sport fishing on the mouth of the river, located on the Caribbean side… Simply fantastic!!! We can book both hunting and fishing if you like.

We are just a short 3.5 hour flight from Miami or Houston and an easy transatlantic flight from Europe. The prime time to visit is when the weather is worst (particularly Northern US and Northern Europe) at home giving a fabulous respite. Abundant Doves, Ducks and don’t forget The Tarpon typically running between 125 to 200 lbs!!! We believe the best Tarpon fishing IN THE WORLD!


We eat, sleep & think Duck Hunting & when we’re not thinking Duck Hunting we’re thinking of all the grilled dove we can eat that afternoon!! Do come and join us. We have a combined experience of 21 years, and few know Nicaraguan Duck Hunting like we do and since there is only 4 licensees in the country, we use the best Duck and Dove shooting operation down here . We shoot on rice & timber fields located  conveniently to your accommodation. We concentrate on making the entire experience as best as we can for you and your party providing satisfying memories of your Nicaraguan duck and dove hunting adventure. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and we’ll be delighted to talk to you.

Nicaragua is a magical country, a little like going back in time – in some respects where the people are peaceful and content with what they have, live on the gorgeous local produce and love to help one another and welcome foreigners. The landscape is beautiful, tropical & unspoiled, allowing wildlife to thrive. An unforgetable experience & a veritable paradise for the shooter with none of the travel ‘hassle’ associated with the likes of Argentina nor the safety issues of dove shooting in Mexico.



  • Three morning DUCK Hunts and three afternoon DOVE shoots (flexible configurations)
  • Hotel room – excellent top hotel with one room for two people sharing, (extra for single)
  • Breakfast – at the hotel each morning
  • Lunch – near the fields or we bring you lunch in the field
  • Dinner –  good food, variety of restaurants
  • Snacks – in the field with all your favorite beverages
  • Transfers – to the shoots and back each day / Airport transfers both ways
  • Driver/guide – with you all day to take you where you need to go until the end of dinner each evening

Not included

  • You pay for: Air fares, airport taxes, shells, bird boys, guide and driver tips
$3,250 plus $488 in Nicaraguan tax – Total $3,738


Your Accommodation – Whistling Wings uses a very contemporary, new hotel for your shooting adventure. After an early morning start, our shooters love coming back to a really nice swimming pool and dig into some snacks and drinks to relax. The hotel will make a you a breakfast for your Duck and Dove hunting. Rooms are based on two hunters sharing. This property puts you ten minutes closer to the fields and you will enjoy the excellent service.


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